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SQL Stored Procedure that will stop currently long running SQL Server Agent Jobs by the specified maximum minute threshold.

create procedure usp_StopLongRunningSqlJobs
    @MaxAllowedRunningMinutes int = 20
-- ============================================================================
-- Stops current long running SQL Server Agent Jobs
-- Name: dbo.sp_StopLongRunningSqlJobs
-- Type: Stored Procedure
-- Scope: System Level
-- Author: Jon LaBelle
-- Created: 08-27-2015
-- Parameters:
-- - @MaxAllowedRunningMinutes int - The maximum allowed time in minutes
--                                   a job is allowed to run. Any job currently
--                                   running over the specified amount, will be
--                                   stopped. The default value is "20" minutes.
-- ============================================================================

    set nocount on;

    if @MaxAllowedRunningMinutes is null
        set @MaxAllowedRunningMinutes = 20;

    declare @JobName nvarchar(256);
    declare @MinutesRunning int;
    declare @runningJobs table(
        JobName nvarchar(256) NULL,
        MinutesRunning int NULL

    -- Populate @runningJobs table
    insert into @runningJobs
        select as JobName,
            DATEDIFF(minute, sja.start_execution_date, GETDATE()) as MinutesRunning
        from msdb.dbo.sysjobactivity as sja
        inner join msdb.dbo.sysjobs as sj
            on sja.job_id = sj.job_id
        where CONVERT(date, sja.start_execution_date) = CONVERT(date, GETDATE())
            and sja.stop_execution_date is null;

    -- Stop a long running job.
    -- TODO: use a cursor to iterate over more than 1 long running job.
    if exists (select MinutesRunning from @runningJobs where MinutesRunning > @MaxAllowedRunningMinutes)
        select top 1 @JobName = JobName from @runningJobs where MinutesRunning > @MaxAllowedRunningMinutes;
        print N'Stopping long running (over '+ convert(nvarchar(10), @MaxAllowedRunningMinutes) +'-minutes) SQL Agent Job "' + @JobName + '".';
        exec msdb.dbo.sp_stop_job @job_name = @JobName;