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Tool for storing and reading passwords or other sensitive data. All data is GPG-encrypted, and managed with a git repository.

# To initialize (or re-encrypt) the storage using one or more GPG IDs:
pass init <gpg_id_1> <gpg_id_2>

# To save a new password and additional information (press Ctrl + D on a new line to complete):
pass insert --multiline <path/to/data>

# To edit an entry:
pass edit <path/to/data>

# To copy a password (first line of the data file) to the clipboard:
pass -c <path/to/data>

# To list the whole store tree:

# To generate a new random password with a given length, and copy it to the clipboard:
pass generate -c <path/to/data> <num>

# To initialize a new Git repository (any changes done by pass will be committed automatically):
pass git init