A couple batch file script examples for backing up MySQL databases on Windows.

:: MySQL backup script
:: Create a mysqldump gziped file for each database and put them into
:: separate folders.
:: Gzip for Windows (optional)
:: 	- http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/gzip.htm
:: COMMAIL (optional)
:: 	- http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/e1y530dz(v=vs.90).aspx
:: 	- http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/mysqldump.html
:: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

:: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
:: START simple
:: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

@echo off
color 0E
title MySQL backup.

:: Set dir variables. Use ~1 format in win2k
set basedir=C:\BACKUP~1
set workdir=c:\TEMP
set mysqldir=c:\mysql\bin
set gzipdir=c:\PROGRA~1\GnuWin32\bin
set mysqlpassword=mygoodpassword
set mysqluser=myrootuser

:: Change to mysqldir
cd %mysqldir%

:: dump database. This is all one line
mysqldump -u %mysqluser% -p%mysqlpassword% --all-databases >%workdir%\backup.sql

:: Change to workdir
cd %workdir%

:: Zip up database
%gzipdir%\gzip.exe backup.sql

:: Move to random file name
MOVE backup.sql.gz backup.%random%.gz

:: FTP file to repository
ftp -n -s:%basedir%\ftp-commands.txt

:: Remove old backup files
del backup.sql
del backup.*.gz

:: Change back to base dir
cd %basedir%

:: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
:: END simple

:: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
:: START advanced
:: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

@echo off
color 0E
title MySQL backup.

:: Set some variables
set bkupdir=E:\MySQL\backup
set mysqldir=E:\MySQL
set datadir=E:\MySQL\data
set logdir=E:\MySQL\logs
set dbuser=username
set dbpass=password
set zip=C:\GZip\bin\gzip.exe
set endtime=0


:: get the date and then parse it into variables
for /F "tokens=2-4 delims=/ " %%i in ('date /t') do (
	set mm=%%i
	set dd=%%j
	set yy=%%k

:: get the time and then parse it into variables
for /F "tokens=5-8 delims=:. " %%i in ('echo.^| time ^| find "current" ') do (
	set hh=%%i
	set ii=%%j
	set ss=%%k

:: If this is the second time through then go to the end of the file
if "%endtime%"=="1" goto END

:: Create the filename suffix
set fn=_%yy%%mm%%dd%_%hh%%mm%%ss%

:: Switch to the data directory to enumerate the folders
pushd %datadir%

:: Write to the log file
echo Beginning MySQLDump Process > %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt
echo Start Time = %yy%-%mm%-%dd% %hh%:%ii%:%ss% >> %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt
echo --------------------------- >> %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt
echo. >> %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt

:: Loop through the data structure in the data dir to get the database names
for /d %%f in (*) do (

	:: Create the backup sub-directory is it does not exist
	if not exist %bkupdir%\%%f\ (
		echo Making Directory %%f
		echo Making Directory %%f >> %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt
		mkdir %bkupdir%\%%f
	) else (
		echo Directory %%f Exists
		echo Directory %%f Exists >> %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt

	:: Run mysqldump on each database and compress the data by piping through gZip
	echo Backing up database %%f%fn%.sql.gz
	echo Backing up database %%f%fn%.sql.gz >> %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt
	%mysqldir%\bin\mysqldump --user=%dbuser% --password=%dbpass% --databases %%f --opt --quote-names --allow-keywords --complete-insert | %zip% > %bkupdir%\%%f\%%f%fn%.sql.gz

	echo Done.
	echo Done. >> %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt

:: Go back and get the end time for the script
set endtime=1

:: Write to the log file
echo. >> %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt
echo --------------------------- >> %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt
echo MySQLDump Process Finished >> %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt
echo End Time = %yy%-%mm%-%dd% %hh%:%ii%:%ss% >> %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt
echo. >> %logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt

:: Return to the scripts dir

:: Send the log file in an e-mail
c:\commail\commail -host=smtp.yourcompany.com -from="server <server@yourcompany.com>" -to=serveradmins@yourcompany.com -subject="MySQL Backup" -msg=%logdir%\LOG%fn%.txt

:: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
:: END advanced