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Manage ZFS pools.

# To show the configuration and status of all ZFS zpools:
zpool status

# To check a ZFS pool for errors (verifies the checksum of EVERY block). Very CPU and disk intensive:
zpool scrub <pool_name>

# To list zpools available for import:
zpool import

# To import a zpool:
zpool import <pool_name>

# To export a zpool (unmount all filesystems):
zpool export <pool_name>

# To show the history of all pool operations:
zpool history <pool_name>

# To create a mirrored pool:
zpool create <pool_name> mirror <disk1> <disk2> mirror <disk3> <disk4>

# To add a cache (L2ARC) device to a zpool:
zpool add <pool_name> cache <cache_disk>