Versatile PDF transformation software.

# To extract pages 1-3, 5 and 6-10 from a PDF file and save them as another one:
qpdf --empty --pages input.pdf 1-3,5,6-10 -- output.pdf

# To merge (concatenate) a list of PDF files and save the result as another one:
qpdf --empty --pages file1.pdf 1,6-8 --pages file2.pdf 3,4,5 -- output.pdf

# To write each group of n pages to a separate output file with a given filename pattern:
qpdf --split-pages=n input.pdf out_%d.pdf

# To rotate certain pages of a pdf with a given angle:
qpdf --rotate=90:2,4,6 --rotate=180:7-8 input.pdf output.pdf

# To remove the password from a password protected file:
qpdf --password=password --decrypt input.pdf output.pdf