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Generate a searchable PDF or PDF/A from a scanned PDF or an image of text.

# To create a new searchable PDF/A file from a scanned PDF or image file:
ocrmypdf <path/to/input_file> <path/to/output.pdf>

# To replace a scanned PDF file with a searchable PDF file:
ocrmypdf <path/to/file.pdf> <path/to/file.pdf>

# To skip pages of a mixed-format input PDF file that already contain text:
ocrmypdf --skip-text <path/to/input.pdf> <path/to/output.pdf>

# To clean, de-skew, and rotate pages of a poor scan:
ocrmypdf --clean --deskew --rotate-pages <path/to/input_file> <path/to/output.pdf>

# To set the metadata of the searchable PDF file:
ocrmypdf --title "<title>" --author "<author>" --subject "<subject>" --keywords "<keyword; key phrase; ...>" <path/to/input_file> <path/to/output.pdf>

# To display help:
ocrmypdf --help