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Automatically determine the MIME type (aka media type) of a file.

# To print the MIME type of a given file:
mimetype <path/to/file>

# To display only the MIME type, and not the filename:
mimetype --brief <path/to/file>

# To display a description of the MIME type:
mimetype --describe <path/to/file>

# To determine the MIME type of stdin (does not check a filename):
<some_command> | mimetype --stdin

# To display debug information about how the MIME type was determined:
mimetype --debug <path/to/file>

# To display all the possible MIME types of a given file in confidence order:
mimetype --all <path/to/file>

# To explicitly specify the 2-letter language code of the output:
mimetype --language <path/to/file>