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A wireless network and device detector, sniffer, wardriving tool, and WIDS (wireless intrusion detection) framework.

# To capture packets from a specific wireless interface:
sudo kismet -c <wlan0>

# To monitor multiple channels on a wireless interface:
sudo kismet -c <wlan0,wlan1> -m

# To capture packets and save them to a specific directory:
sudo kismet -c <wlan0> -d <path/to/output>

# To start Kismet with a specific configuration file:
sudo kismet -c <wlan0> -f <path/to/config.conf>

# To monitor and log data to an SQLite database:
sudo kismet -c <wlan0> --log-to-db

# To monitor using a specific data source:
sudo kismet -c <wlan0> --data-source=<rtl433>

# To enable alerts for specific events:
sudo kismet -c <wlan0> --enable-alert=<new_ap>

# To display detailed information about a specific AP's packets:
sudo kismet -c <wlan0> --info <BSSID>