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Typesetting program that reads plain text mixed with formatting commands and produces formatted output. It is the GNU replacement for the 'troff' and 'nroff' Unix commands for text formatting.

# To render a man page as plain text, and display the result:
groff -man -T utf8 manpage.1

# To render a man page using the ASCII output device, and display it using a pager:
groff -man -T ascii manpage.1 | less

# To render a man page into an HTML file:
groff -man -T html manpage.1 > page.html

# To process a roff file using the `tbl` and `pic` preprocessors, and the `me` macro set:
groff -t -p -me -T utf8

# To run a `groff` command with preprocessor and macro options guessed by the `grog` utility:
eval "$(grog -T utf8"