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Alpine Linux package management tool.

# To update repository indexes from all remote repositories:
apk update

# To install a new package:
apk add <package>

# To remove a package:
apk del <package>

# To repair package or upgrade it without modifying main dependencies:
apk fix <package>

# To search package via keyword:
apk search <keyword>

# To get info about a specific package:
apk info <package>

# ---

# To get the latest security upgrades and bugfixes available for all the packages of a running system, first update the list of available packages and then upgrade the installed packages:
apk update && apk upgrade
# or as a single command:
apk -U upgrade

# To install a package from the "edge" branch and "testing" repository:
apk add -X <package>

# Web-based Apline Package Search:
# 10 Alpine Linux apk Command Examples: