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A command-line installer for Windows. See how Scoop compares to Choclatey, and why Scoop is better (IMHO).

# To install a package:
scoop install <package>

# To remove a package:
scoop uninstall <package>

# To update all installed packages:
scoop update *

# To list installed packages:
scoop list

# To display information about a package:
scoop info <package>

# To search for a package:
scoop search <package>

# To list all known buckets (a bucket is an application repository):
scoop bucket known

# To add a bucket by its alias or a Git repository URL:
scoop bucket add <bucket>

# ---

# To install scoop (requires powershell >= 3):
iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('')

# To uninstall scoop:
scoop uninstall scoop

# To update scoop:
scoop update

# To install several utils at once:
scoop install 7zip curl sudo git openssh coreutils grep sed less

# To install several programming languages at once:
scoop install python ruby go nodejs

# To install php (see for persisting php.ini settings through updates):
scoop install php

# To install an app (Git) globally:
sudo scoop install git --global

# To update a globally installed app (Git):
sudo scoop update git --global