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Using some server-side magic (PHP in this case) and regular expressions, we can utilize GitHub's Gist API to display external code within comments and forum posts as desired!

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  Embed format: <script src=""></script>

function embedGists($string) {
  $regex1 = '/';
  $regex2 = '/[gist (d+)]/';
  $replace = '<script src="${1}.js"></script>';

  // Find [gist ######] stuff
  $string = preg_replace($regex1, $replace, $string);
  $string = preg_replace($regex2, $replace, $string);

  return $string;

// Test string
$string = 'lah blah<br />[gist 4575399]<br />And another:';
echo embedGists($string);

/* Provides:

  lah blah<br /><script src=""></script><br />And another: <script src=""></script>