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Manage the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

:: To start a Linux shell (in the default distribution):
wsl <shell_command>

:: To run a Linux command without using a shell:
wsl --exec <command> <command_arguments>

:: To specify a particular distribution:
wsl --distribution <distribution> <shell_command>

:: To list available distributions:
wsl --list

:: To export a distribution to a '.tar' file:
wsl --export <distribution> <path\to\distro_file.tar>

:: To import a distribution from a '.tar' file:
wsl --import <distribution> <path\to\install_location> <path/to/distro_file.tar>

:: To change the version of wsl used for the specified distribution:
wsl --set-version <distribution> <version>

:: To shut down Windows Subsystem for Linux:
wsl --shutdown