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Robust File and Folder Copy. By default files will only be copied if the source and destination have different time stamps or different file sizes.

:: To copy all '.jpg' and '.bmp' files from one directory to another:
robocopy <path\to\source_directory> <path\to\destination_directory> <*.jpg> <*.bmp>

:: To copy all files and subdirectories, including empty ones:
robocopy <path\to\source_directory> <path\to\destination_directory> /E

:: To mirror/Sync a directory, deleting anything not in source and include all attributes and permissions:
robocopy <path\to\source_directory> <path\to\destination_directory> /MIR /COPYALL

:: To copy all files and subdirectories, excluding source files that are older than destination files:
robocopy <path\to\source_directory> <path\to\destination_directory> /E /XO

:: To list all files 50 MB or larger instead of copying them:
robocopy <path\to\source_directory> <path\to\destination_directory> /MIN:<52428800> /L

:: To allow resuming if network connection is lost and limit retries to 5 and wait time to 15 sec:
robocopy <path\to\source_directory> <path\to\destination_directory> /Z /R:5 /W:15

:: To display detailed usage information:
robocopy /?